Portrait of Glendora Wedding Photographer, Chantal BoutrosI’m a full-service Portrait Artist with a passion for capturing Love and intimate portraits of women. Allow me to explain why this is important to you.

You’ll appreciate that my clean and classic editing style will ensure your art pieces never become outdated.

If you’re unsure what to wear for your session, allow me to guide you so your portraits portray you in the most flattering manner while keeping true to your personal sense of style.

We can all relate to having too busy a schedule to go from place to place to find all the right finishing touches for displaying your portraits, and then having to go through the trouble of hiring someone or finding the time to install them. For your convenience and to alleviate stress, I’ll take care to provide the most appropriate recommendations for your décor, professionally template your albums or wall galleries, hand-deliver your order, and even install your portraits (when necessary).

Since you’ll want something you can pass down through generations, I have cherry-picked and secured trusting relationships with some of the highest quality labs across the country, each one offering a superb product of my own choosing. This enables me to provide you with a lifetime guarantee on most of the products you’ll want in your home.

My clients tend to be creative-minded, well-educated individuals who value long-lasting, tangible memories and the preference of having a professional hand guiding the way. They also agree that “moments” are much more important than snapshots, which is perfect since that’s what I capture.  If it sounds like I’m who you’re looking for or if you have any questions, I would love to hear from you.