About Me

Portrait of Glendora Wedding Photographer, Chantal BoutrosThank you for visiting! My name is Chantal and I have a knack for capturing Love and the many levels of a woman’s intimacy, radiance and exquisite beauty. There are 4 main loves in my life; God, my family, doing for others and enjoying this one precious life we’re given.

In this digital age, building genuine relationships seems to be a dying art (sort-of-speak) and it’s something that I strive to do with each person I engage whether it be by phone or in person.

From your planning appointment to shopping for outfits, and even to the final delivery and installation of your artwork I allow you to relax while I guide you or manage the details for you.  The labs I’ve chosen to partner with are equally as passionate, dedicated and meticulous which allows me to offer you a lifetime guarantee on the artwork you’ll have displayed in your home.

Most of my clients are creative-minded, well-educated individuals who value long-lasting, tangible memories and the preference of having a professional hand guiding the way. They also agree that artwork is much more important than snapshots, which is perfect since that’s what I create for you.  If you’d like to learn more or it sounds like I’m who you’re looking for, I would love to hear from you!