Angie & Anthony {•MARRIED•} – Grace E. Simons Lodge, Los Angeles, CA Spring Wedding Photographer

I’m so excited that I finally photographed my first wedding here in California!  I was able to work with another wonderful photographer named Kelly while we represented Michelle Lacson Photography and the day, the location, the couple…everything was amazing!  The ceremony and reception were held at the lovely Grace E. Simons Lodge in Los Angeles.  Angie wore a beautifully fit strapless A-line gown with a lace bodice accented with pearls, crystals, and sequins.  Anthony sported a gray suit with accenting trim, his groomsmen matching.  The bridesmaids looked striking in their soft pink chiffon, strapless, floor-length dresses.  Pretty much all of the floral decorations and bouquets consisted of white hydrangea and white and/or pink roses.  So cute!

This is my first time photographing at Grace E. Simons Lodge.  The property is so adorable!  Angie and Anthony had no problem personalizing the lodge’s banquet room with flowing drapes, uplighting, stunning centerpieces, precious sweetheart table with custom gold wood lettering spelling “Mr & Mrs”, and tall floral centerpieces with candle accents.  Personally, tall centerpieces are THE WAY to go!  I feel like they don’t get in the way as much and allow your guests to see and speak to each other more easily.  I was very blessed to have this opportunity to share in the celebration of Angie and Anthony’s union.  I’ll let the photos tell the story of their day!

Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-001 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-002 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-03 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-004 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-005 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-006 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-007 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-008 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-09 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-010 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-011 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-012 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-013 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-014 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-015 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-016 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-017 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-018 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-019 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-020 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-021 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-022 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-023 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-024 Grace-E-Simons-Lodge-LA-Wedding-025

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4 thoughts on “Angie & Anthony {•MARRIED•} – Grace E. Simons Lodge, Los Angeles, CA Spring Wedding Photographer

  • Ronnie

    My fiance and I really love the details of this wedding. Do you mind sharing the information for the decorator? We’re also interested in finding out booking information for your services. Your work is exactly what we’re looking for. Thanks for your time.

  • Jerry

    Very nice work on this wedding, Chantal. I do hope we get to work together at some point. And I hope things pick up for you! It’s very slow for me as a primary this year. I’m getting lots of second shooting but that only carries you so far. But I’ll count myself as fortunate!
    Take care,

  • Stacey

    Have I told you how much I LOVE these photos? That mother-daughter dance really brought a tear to my eye. <3 you Angie!